Helme Company "Tops Mild Scotch Snuff" Tin Sign

Rust and The Wolf


Original Helme "Tops Scotch Snuff" sign.


Not many people use snuff now as there is a tendency for other powders to be ingested through the nasal passage these days!

The Helme Tobacco company was founded as the Railroad Mills Snuff Mill in 1866 by a pair of brothers from New Jersey. In the 1880s, Helme purchased land and built 105 homes for his workers in New Jersy. In 1888 the community was granted status as a borough and Helme named it after his daughter, Oliva Antoinette, who was nicknamed Etta. In the 1930s there were 400 Helme employees and the firm was one of the world's
largest producers of snuff. At his death, Helme was reported as having been the second wealthiest man in New Jersey.
45cm Tall
30cm Wide

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